Capital One Bowl Fans Can Get Free Traffic Info Via FDOT 511 Service

Before hitting the road on game day, fas can call the Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) 511 Traveler Information System or visit the 511 Web site at Watch the video below for more information.

The free, bilingual Florida 511 Traveler Information System provides traffic information for the whole state through one phone and Internet system. The system is updated with information, including commuter travel times, congestion, lane closures, severe weather, construction and emergency evacuation information on all interstate highways, toll roads, including Florida’s Turnpike, and many other metropolitan roadways. 511 is available in English and Spanish on the phone by dialing 511, or on the Web at
With My Florida 511 personalized services at, travelers can register their custom routes to hear travel information on their routes first when calling 511. Additionally, users can register to receive traffic alerts on these routes via a phone call, e-mail and/or text message. Travelers can customize their alerts by choosing the time of day, day of week and type or severity of incidents. 
The 511 system is available from cell phones and landlines; however, standard cell phone minutes may apply.
Florida 511 Features
  • Traffic information on all interstate highways, toll roads including Florida’s Turnpike and many other major metropolitan roadways
  • Commuter travel times and reports on crashes, lane closures, construction and severe weather affecting travel
  • Access public transit, airport and seaport information
  • AMBER, Silver and LEO alerts, and emergency evacuation information (Silver Alerts notify the public when law enforcement agencies are searching for missing adults or citizens with cognitive impairments, including Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) Alerts notify the public when law enforcement officers are searching for an offender(s) who has seriously injured or killed a law enforcement officer.)
  • Visit for travel information, traffic camera views and free personalized services, including customized travel routes and e-mail, text and phone call alerts
  • Voice-activated and touch-tone navigation available
  • 511 call and Web site available in English and Spanish
  • A free resource of the Florida Department of Transportation; standard cell phone minutes or text charges may apply
Florida 511 Benefits
  • Helps drivers avoid traffic congestion and road construction
  • Reduces frustration and relieves stress for travelers
  • Helps users make informed travel choices
  • Allows users to change their travel behavior including altering their routes and departure times
  • Reduces time spent idling in traffic which reduces emissions  
  • Information available on the Web and mobile Web (
  • Increases driver convenience by delivering traffic information to users when they want it


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