Credential Use

Terms & Conditions

The following language applies to any individual who uses an official game credential at a Florida Citrus Sports event. Upon use of the credential, the individual acknowledges the following terms and conditions:

The working credential is issued to an accredited agency (the “Agency”) for the sole purpose of providing stadium access to an individual representative of the Agency (the “Representative”) who has a legitimate working function (media or event service) in connection with the event for which this credential is issued (the “Event”).

This credential is non-transferable and may be revoked at any time without cause. Any unauthorized use of this credential subjects the Representative to ejection from the stadium, to prosecution for criminal trespass and to other legal action, and subjects the Agency to revocation of its credentials for future Florida Citrus Sports (“FCSports”) events, as FCSports determines in its sole discretion. FCSports is understood to include Florida Citrus Sports and its affiliates, agents and employees.

Subject to all restrictions contained in this credential, this credential (if issued for a media function) authorizes the use, solely by the Agency and solely for news and editorial coverage of the Event, of the descriptions, accounts, photographs, films, audio or video recordings, or drawing of or related to the Event (including, without limitation, any interviews, press conferences or other stadium activities relating to the Event) taken, made, created, or complied by the Representative (collectively, “Agency Materials”). For the avoidance of doubt, Agency Materials may not be exploited by the Agency for any purpose other than news and editorial use. Any other use or attempted use by the Representative or the Agency of Agency Materials, including any distribution of Agency Materials to third parties other than ultimate consumers (e.g., newspaper readers) at time any for any purpose, is expressly prohibited, unless the Agency has obtained the advance written permission of FCSports for such other use.

As between the Agency or the Representative and FCSports, FCSports is the exclusive owner of all copyrights, trademarks and other proprietary rights in its names, logos and uniformed designs, and in the Event and all materials (in any and all media) related thereto, except for Agency Materials created pursuant to this credential (to the extent they do not incorporate materials owned by FCSports).  The Agency and Representative agree that any Agency Materials taking the form of film, video, or digital video recordings (“Video Materials”) may only be used in connection with editorial content published or broadcast by the Agency following the Event, and further agree that the use of Video Materials from the Event in such newscasts shall not exceed three (3) minutes of length.

Representative shall not transmit or display any video, audio, pictures, photographs or other non-text based accounts or descriptions of the Event in any media in real time while the Event or the live network presentation of the Event is in progress, except with the advance written permission of Florida Citrus Sports.

The Agency and the Representative assume all risk incident to, and hereby release FCSports, the City of Orlando, Orange County Civic Facilities Authority, the NCAA, the participating teams and their players from any and all liability arising in connection with, attending the Game and the Representative and the Agency creating and using Agency Materials. The Agency agrees to indemnify and hold harmless FCSports, the City of Orlando, Orange County Civic Facilities Authority, the NCAA, the participating teams and their players from and against all liability, loss, damage or expense arising out of the issuance of this credential, the Representative’s presence in the stadium, or any other activity of the Agency or Representative in connection with the Event (including, without limitation, any claims that Agency Materials infringe the intellectual property rights, publicity rights or other rights of any third party).

Acceptance of this credential constitutes agreement by the Agency and the Representative to abide by the forgoing conditions.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Media Credential Policies

Media credentials are granted to working media only. For purposes of these criteria, working media shall mean an outlet with a legitimate working function requiring first-hand news coverage no later than six days following the event.

A working media outlet in the game’s immediate geographic area that has staffed Division I college football games on a regular basis and is involved in the dissemination of college football news on a regular basis to audiences from ethnically, socially or culturally diverse backgrounds may be approved for a media credential if space is available.

No media credentials will be issued to freelance writers or photographers without an assignment, equipment carriers, film runners, other assistants, children or spouses.

Photographers shooting privately to sell images will not be issued credentials.

Once approved, media credentials are not transferable. In the event an individual who was approved can no longer attend the game, their replacement must submit a new application and the previous media member must notify Florida Citrus Sports of the change.

Each application will stand on its own merits for the game in question. Membership in a professional media association does not automatically qualify an agency or individual for credentials. Prior approval for other games, including past Florida Citrus Sports games, does not automatically qualify an agency or individual for media credentials.

Media credentials and parking passes will be issued based on availability and approval by the participating institution’s sports information director and Florida Citrus Sports. Parking passes, if approved, will be issued at a ratio of one pass per every two people to apply from an agency.

If approved, you must present a government-issued photo ID and sign your name on the credential registration form agreeing to credential terms and conditions to obtain your media credential.

For security reasons, media credentials will only be issued to the recipients named on the credential application. One person cannot obtain media credentials for any other members of his or her media outlet without prior communication (via email to and approval from Florida Citrus Sports. No media credentials will be mailed.

General media information, including contacts, can be found on the Media page.

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