On Feb. 18 and Feb. 19, Florida Citrus Sports hosted a free virtual symposium focused on the growth and development of collegiate esports programs.

The event was presented in partnership with Full Sail University with additional support from Esports at UCF  and featured over 20 speakers who shared insights in sessions spanning two days during the Symposium.

If you missed any discussions or want to watch any of the sessions again, full recordings are available below.

Event Rewind

You can still join the conversation through the FCSE Collegiate Esports Symposium community on Discord by clicking the button below.

The State of Collegiate Esports

New eFuse Chief Revenue Officer Neil Duffy sits down with eFuse CEO Matthew Benson for a ‘fireside chat’ to discuss the state of collegiate esports and opportunities ahead for discovery, monetization and infrastructure. The two leaders discuss the challenges they see facing the industry, possible solutions and growth opportunities.

Neil Duffy
: Chief Revenue Officer, eFuse
Matthew Benson: Co-Founder & CEO, eFuse

Planning and Running Collegiate Esports Events

Live gaming events were on the rise before COVID-19 turned the world on its ear. Esports has continued to grow through online events in the interim. As in-person gatherings return, we heard from industry leaders on the future of successful events — live and virtual — in the esports world.

Duran Parsi
: Director of Collegiate Esports, FaceIt
​​​​​Victoria Horsely: Esports Events
Erin Eberhardt: Lead Project Manager, Blizzard Entertainment
John Kracum: Vice President, Misfits Gaming Group

Sari Kitelyn: Executive Director of Esports, Full Sail University

Preparing for Careers in Esports After College

The growing esports industry has a myriad of career options beyond player. How can students develop the skills to set themselves up for success after graduation? Hear tips and best practices from the largest esports and gaming industry job platform as well as a training and growth specialist for one of the biggest organizations in the gaming world.

Richard Huggan: Managing Director, Hitmarker
​​​​​Anthony Scala: Collegiate Lead, Evil Geniuses

Annabel ZinnCo-Founder & VP of Esports, UCF

Spotlight: UCI Esports

Take a look inside one of the standout programs in all of collegiate esports, the University of California Irvine. Find out how the program developed and the opportunities that its leadership sees for the future of the industry.

Mark Deppe
: Director, UCI Esports
Kathy Chiang: Assistant Director. UCI Esports

Jess Reider: Esports Staff Writer, Full Sail University

Evolving Education with Esports

For decades, most of the education ecosystem has viewed video games as a distraction for students. Today, esports is quickly becoming a necessity for high schools, colleges, and universities around the world. This insightful discussion lays out how forward-thinking institutions can use esports to evolve their students’ educational and social experiences.

Derek Watford: Co-Founder, High Point Gamer
Marcus Howard: Chief Executive Officer, MetArena

Dr. Marc Williams: Global Scholar Practitioner, Florida Memorial University

Building & Growing a Collegiate Esports Program

Running an esports program is hard work, whether you are starting from scratch or trying to reach the next level of success. Learn some best practices, potential roadblocks and areas of opportunity from top leaders in the collegiate world.

Kevin Hoang: Scholastic PM, Twitch
​​​​​Dana Hustedt: Director of Esports, Grand View University

Bennett Newsome: Esports Strategist, Full Sail University

Health, Wellness and Resources for College Esports Players

Like traditional sports, competitive success in esports requires a commitment to athlete well-being, physically and mentally. Unlike traditional sports, esports programs and individual athletes may not have health and wellness resources readily available. Find out how gamers can take control of their own personal wellness, why it matters and how coaches, administrators and other partners can help.

Bubba Gaedhart: Executive Director, Varsity Esports Foundation
Dr. Lindsey Migliore: Physician, GamerDoc

RaeLynn McAfee: Sports Marketing and Media Program Director, Full Sail University

Spotlight: Mountain West/Boise State

The Mountain West Conference is an early adopter among NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision athletics. After launching their first event in 2018, the conference has been at the forefront of collegiate esports.

Carolayne Henry
: Senior Associate Commissioner, Mountain West Conference
Doc Haskell: Head Coach & Director of Esports, Boise State University

David SaphirsteinFounder, Venue Edge
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