Main Staff

Chief Executive Officer Steve Hogan
Chief Customer Officer Shannon Clark
Chief Financial Officer Scott Herring
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Cathy Weeden
General Manager of Marketing Partnerships Brian Crews
Senior Director of Ticket Operations Michelle Sheldon
Senior Director of Marketing & Communications Matt Repchak
Senior Director, Business Development Gabe Park
Senior Director of Operations Susan Fortini
Foundation Director Jill Mickle
Florida Classic/Florida Citrus Sports Camp Director Joey Walters
Accountant Glen Johnson
Director of Marketing & Communications Sam Gardner
Assistant Director of Events Carlyn Tribble
Executive Assistant Julie Wahl
Assistant Director of Customer Relations Stephanie Marrone
Marketing & Communications Manager Mickey Boylan
Group Sales Manager Jared Eller
Information Technology Manager Joshua Moore
Manager of Corporate Partnerships Tristan Powers
Membership Sales Manager Harold Preciado
Ticket Operations Coordinator Dan Brown
Events Coordinator Shannon DeAraujo
Marketing & Communications Coordinator Noell Powell
Reception Coordinator Tina Prince
Corporate Partnership Coodinator Jessica Roppolo
Finance Operations Coordinator Nick Stepp
Member Services Coordinator Colleen Thomas

Seasonal and Part-Time Staff

  • Emma Dornath
  • Ragan Pape
  • Greg Santon
  • Ciara Skidmore
  • Lane Washington
  • Bella Watson
  • Andrew Zingone
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Waste Pro - Experience Game Changing Service
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