Ways to Entertain Business Clients in Orlando

When a business skips on team-building activities, it will not impress further than its efficiency, attitude, or office decor. To maintain clients and attract new ones, you need to take it one step further – entertain clients. Vacations and social events are not just for personal means. Both are crucial to incorporate into large or small businesses whenever possible to outsmart your competitors.

Orlando, Florida, is a top place to find entertainment companies offering quality events. Orlando’s relaxed attitude and high energy provide unforgettable fun and inspiration through its amazing sporting events, stunning lakes, gorgeous restaurants, and world-famous venues.

Why is entertaining business clients important?

A lot of people may overlook the importance of entertaining business clients. Whether it is to introduce a new product, make a sale, or sell your services, entertaining your business client is a great way to close a day and can go a long way with maintaining a good working relationship. The simplicity of wining and dining has evolved faster than the smartphone, making a meal with a bottle of wine as expected as posting videos to social media. It is important to show your potential clients how important they are to you. A pleasant dinner or wristbands for Disney can make a real impression on someone.

Do not forget that lunch and dinner are good starting places to understand a client’s interests. New clients want to get to know representatives. It is beneficial for everyone when common interests are shared because it can build trust and a desire to engage with each other. When clients are under the impression a representative is excited to work for them, you will more likely gain the client’s business.

The new definition of wining and dining involves nuance. The best way to impress is to mean it when you take a client out to dinner and mean it when you offer them concert tickets. Ask new clients and your teams about their interests, and be open when sharing yours. This will lead to a friendly business relationship where suggesting entertainment and travel can take place. If you find it hard to make a connection, remember Disney adventures are great for friends and strangers alike. It is not just about how much money a potential client will bring. It is about including others in an experience to align your interests and show you are on the same page.

Best Client Dinner Spots in Orlando

Sharing a good restaurant can mean potential revenue for your business. Food and drinks are something that binds all people together, paving an avenue for deeper connections. New clients may ask themselves if they like a representative as a person. A nice restaurant or bar is the perfect setting for them to get an answer.

Award-winning chefs have been relocating to Florida because the cost of business is low, while tourism remains popular because of the theme parks. Now more than ever, Orlando is the hottest place to experience five-star restaurants. Businesses are taking full advantage of their clients and teams while the costs are low.

Ocean Prime

Ocean PrimeOcean Prime is a high-end steakhouse known for its wonderful business accommodations and amazing views of Little Sand Lake in the Dr. Phillips area. Every guest feels like royalty, which creates a relaxing environment and year-round comfort. They offer private dining and take-home cocktail kits that can be a great treat for any client.

The Strand

The Strand is a hip neighborhood restaurant that serves American dishes with a delicious chef-inspired menu with a boutique spin in north Lake Eola Heights. Their delicious ingredients come from farms local to the area. They have a full beer and wine menu, making it perfect for casual dinners.

Highball & Harvest

Highball and HarvestThis restaurant’s atmosphere is truly stunning and not too far from the Disney Resort. It is in the Ritz-Carlton on the Grande Lakes. Highball & Harvest offers private dining and gorgeous outdoor seating areas. Bring your clients here for an unforgettable experience with incredible food and handcrafted cocktails.

Eddie V’s Prime Seafood and Steaks

Eddie V’s is a local and tourist favorite with consistent 5-star guest reviews. They are adjacent to Little Sand Lake and offer prime seafood, world-class service, and live music. There is no downside when eating here because you have the trifecta of a great time – food, booze, and music. It is a great dinner spot if your clients are staying near downtown.

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant

Here you will find wine tastings and a full restaurant in the Sand Lake area; not far from the theme parks and convention center. They have seasonal chef recommendations and are well known for their food’s high quality. They have free Wi-Fi, amazing cocktails, and wine. Many of their cocktails are one of a kind, making their happy-hour semi-famous. Cooper’s Hawk is a great choice when taking out multiple clients because there’s something for everyone.

The Hampton Social – Orlando

This restaurant has classic Floridian vibes in its nautical yacht club décor and famous private bar. The Hampton Social is great for weekend brunch and dinner menu, their Pointe Orlando location proves to be a classic experience for representatives and clients alike. They offer local activities which can make this a fantastic Orlando experience.

The H Orlando

The H offers delicious Mediterranean dishes with optional private party rooms that make your dinner feel like its own nightclub. They are in Dr. Phillips near Little Sand Lake. Their social events and live entertainment make this the ideal place to engage with younger clients. The classy and fun atmosphere derives from their beautiful signature cocktails, and “caviar & more” menu. It can be the ideal night out as this place has the potential for captivating social videos and promotions.

Kres Chophouse

Kres ChophouseKres Chophouse is one of the last small businesses in downtown Orlando. Their historic 1930s architecture will amaze any clients in their traditional setting. Vegan options are available, and there is a required dress code. You can go for drinks in their beautiful private bar or stay for dinner.

Bull and Bear

Located in the Waldorf Astoria, Bull and Bear has eclectic dishes and some tableside food preparation. This is the place to take fascinating videos of food and stunning views. The restaurant is modeled after the famous New York City restaurant of the same name. They have been awarded several accolades in excellence and have private dining available.

Hillstone Restaurant

This renowned restaurant is classy beyond belief. Hillstone’s vast view overlooking Lake Killarney takes your breath away. Find this one north of downtown Orlando in Winter Park, right on the lake. Be sure to make reservations in advance because this is quite a popular spot!

The Capital Grille

Capital Grille is a popular steakhouse with terrific food. Take home raw premium cuts of steak to cook or gift them to your clients staying in the area. Another great choice for a beautiful night out with private dining reservations available.

Best Places for Business Lunches in Orlando

Most of the dining venues offer a delicious lunch experience as well. Getting a view of downtown Orlando in the daylight is beautiful over any meal. The more restaurant choices in your back pocket, the better prepared you can be to find a client’s ideal relaxed setting. Do not undervalue showing clients a good spot for a business lunch. Finding the right casual setting for lunch can be hard. Too casual can be too little for some clients, while the opposite can be said for high-end places. Here are some great casual lunch places in Orlando. Keep in mind these are further from Disney, so use these spots when you are in the downtown areas.

The Taproom at Dubsdread

In Fairview Shores at the Dubsdread Golf Course is the Taproom. If you have never been here, chances are it is your first time in Orlando. This is a local stop with several awards under its belt for the outstanding food. The homestyle setting makes it a relaxing experience.

Bulla Gastrobar

Bulla Gastro BarBulla Gastrobar offers a fun setting with surprising top-of-the-line Spanish dishes in Winter Park. This spot proves a lunch can be casual and elegant at the same time. Their high star customer ratings show this is a must-try restaurant.

Delaney’s Tavern

This hip restaurant and bar is in Delany Park near Lake Copeland. Delaney’s Tavern is for people who enjoy stylish cuisine, amazing wine, and custom cocktails. Like any good lunch setting, Delaney’s combines relaxation and fine dining with favorite American dishes and drinks. They have free Wi-Fi and general seating with large tables and chairs, good for multiple clients.

Citrus Club

The Citrus Club is a full amenity club and spa in the heart of the downtown Orlando area. They have multiple dining rooms, social activities, and a full fitness-spa center. There is a required dress code in the dining rooms offering an international menu and private dining. It may not be a casual lunch, but for corporate clients who want to be pampered, this is a real treat. Reservations are required and someone in your group must be a member of the Citrus Club.

Other Ways to Entertain Your Business Client

Now that you’ve wined and dined, it is time to have a little fun. You enjoy things besides restaurants, and so do your clients. Consider some options like live music, sports, and outdoor recreation. Events and activities like this can be great for bonding and team-building.

Sporting Events

Orlando is the home to several sports teams that play year-round. There is never a bad time to plan for a game in this area. Florida Citrus Sports hosts various games and other forms of entertainment and team-building events. Check out our calendar for upcoming events. Sporting events can be a bastion of meaningful experience, a valuable way to entertain a client, and a great way to host a special event.


Florida is renowned for its golf courses. They can be an interesting challenge for real players and a breathtaking experience for newbies. However, golf can be more than a game. You can use it to learn in-depth about your client and vice versa. Check out Crooked Cat, Shingle Creek, and ChampionsGate for some of the best golf in Orlando.

Boat Rentals

Air Boat ToursRenting a boat is an exciting option for team building. Whether it’s a big cruise or private boat, being on the water is a calming experience most people can enjoy. Be sure to ask your potential clients if they enjoy boating before you purchase. There are several great companies where you can take an airboat ride, rent a private yacht, or cruise the lakes.

Fishing Adventures

Fishing is a common bonding experience that is easy to learn and rewarding. The unique landscape of Orlando is a prime fishing area for enthusiasts. Check out Native Bass Fishing Charters if you want to fish like a local.

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