Dec 02, 2015

FCSports To Test LiveEventTV During Bowl Games

During the Russell Athletic Bowl and the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl fans will have the opportunity to enhance their game day experience without having to leave their seats.

LiveEventTV will give users unprecedented access to video, audio and stats delivered directly to their smart devices.

Developed by Winter Springs-based imediaReach, LiveEventTV provides sports and entertainment venues the opportunity to deliver multi-channel live HDTV content from the game, along with bonus coverage including play-by-play from teams’ radio broadcasts, statistics and other content without eating into fans’ data plans.

FCSports is the first major customer deployment for LiveEventTV, which has been successfully demonstrated at numerous sporting and entertainment venues throughout the nation. The company anticipates additional deployments of LiveEventTV in event venues and stadia across the country during the next few years.


“We’re committed to incorporating services, offerings and technologies that can enhance the in-stadium experience for fans,” said Steve Hogan, CEO of Florida Citrus Sports. “LiveEventTV provides an outstanding platform to deliver the quantity and quality of content today’s fans demand.  It’s a game-changer for the live event experience and we’re proud to be on the forefront of making it available to fans.”


LiveEventTV uses UHF rather than cellular of Wi-Fi to stream the channels to fans’ mobile devices which is good news for fans because a stadium full of users won’t have any negative impact to network capacity and broadcast performance.


“LiveEventTV transforms every seat in a venue into the best seat in the house,” said Gary Bonner, co-founder of LiveEventTV. “Sports fans today want to know and see everything that is happening on the field. Until now, they had to choose between attending the game or watching the broadcast from home. With LiveEventTV, fans literally have it all.”

To use LiveEventTV fans will have to download the app to their smartphone, plug in a small antenna to their phone and they will start receiving multi-channel live HDTV content from the game.


“The variety and depth of content now at fans’ fingertips, delivered within a user-friendly experience, really attracted us to working with the LiveEventTV team,” said Hogan. “It provides fans an access point to be fully engaged in the game.”

Typical content delivered by LiveEventTV can include traditional scoreboard video, several other video feeds providing additional angles on the field, game stats, audio from the game radio broadcast, and special in-stadium offerings and promotions.


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