Oct 30, 2017

Member Crush Monday: Justin Kinsey

From a recent luncheon with SEC commissioner Greg Sankey to exclusive networking events throughout the year, Florida Citrus Sports membership has led to many unique experiences for Justin Kinsey — to say nothing of the heart-pounding action on the field each season.

Justin Kinsey

An Atlanta native, Justin Kinsey is a die-hard Georgia Bulldogs fan.

But perhaps the most memorable moment so far for the Atlanta native came away from the City Beautiful, when he was able to attend the 2016 Georgia-Georgia Tech game in Athens as an official Florida Citrus Sports representative.

“I’m a die-hard Bulldogs fan, and because of my relationship with Florida Citrus Sports I got an experience that most people don’t get,” Kinsey said of the latest edition of the nearly-125-year-old rivalry, a 28-27 Yellow Jackets win. “I got to walk on the field and was able to talk with (Georgia running back) Nick Chubb after the game. That was an experience like no other for a Georgia fan.”

Kinsey, who moved to Orlando seven years ago, is the regional vice president of Lanier Parking Solutions, which manages parking and transportation operations at Camping World Stadium. His region covers Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa and St. Petersburg, and he worked with Florida Citrus Sports for several years before becoming a member.

“I’m an avid sports fan, and the events they bring in are huge to the line of work that I do for my company,” Kinsey said when asked what led him to join. “Helping them continue to bring in more events and the networking opportunities that you get from being a member is second to none in the entire city of Orlando.”

In addition to the networking benefits that come with being a member, Kinsey also said he’s impressed by all the new acts coming through Camping World Stadium, and said the 2014 renovations to the building should help continue to bring major events to the city for years to come.

“We wouldn’t have done any of the stuff that’s happened since 2015 without renovating the stadium,” he said. “The NFL wouldn’t have looked this way with the Pro Bowl, the college football kickoff weekend and concerts like the Rolling Stones, Metallica and Guns ’N Roses would never have stepped foot in there.”

At the end of the day, though, Kinsey said he’s most impressed with the way Florida Citrus Sports gives back to the community through LIFT Orlando and the Florida Citrus Sports Foundation.

“The fact that they are an organization that focuses on diversity and giving back to the community is something I take pride in,” Kinsey said. “I’m glad to support something like that.”

According to Kinsey, that’s just the way Florida Citrus Sports does business — a refreshing sight to see.

“(CEO) Steve (Hogan) is a very ambitious leader,” Kinsey said. “I think he’s great with the community and is fearless, and I’m glad that he has charge over the operations. His staff are good people and they’re blessed to have people like Steve and (Chief Customer Office) Shannon Clark in place and the board members to make things run the way they do.

“Florida Citrus Sports is special because they care.”


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