Nov 20, 2017

Member Crush Monday: Will Fulghom

Will Fulghom, an executive vice president at Sysco of Central Florida, has contributed to the Florida Citrus Sports Foundation’s annual summer camp.

A University of Mississippi grad, Will Fulghom was thrilled when his alma mater came to Orlando for last year’s Camping World Kickoff, despite the Rebels’ eventual 45-34 loss to Florida State.

“As a graduate,” Fulghom said, “it was gratifying to have friends and family in town to show off the new stadium to our great fan base.”

However, when it comes to the fulfillment Fulghom gets from his longstanding Florida Citrus Sports membership, it’s the opportunity to give back that means the most to the Sysco of Central Florida executive. The former president of FreshPoint Central Florida — one of the largest produce distributors in the country — Fulghom has invested heavily in the Florida Citrus Sports Foundation’s annual summer camp since he joined the organization five years ago.

“One of the most rewarding parts of membership is the opportunity to donate produce to the summer camps for the economically disadvantaged kids who live in the neighborhood surrounding Camping World Stadium,” said Fulghom, one of Florida Citrus Sports’ Volunteers of the Year for 2016-17.

Fulghom was on hand for his alma mater’s visit to Orlando for the 2016 Camping World Kickoff against Florida State.

“The summer camp provides a productive and safe environment to so many at-risk middle school boys and girls, many of them living in the footprint of Camping World Stadium. These kids are in desperate need of constructive use of their free time during the summer months, so it’s an honor to be able to help with that effort.”

In addition to donating to the summer camp, Fulghom’s businesses have also worked closely with theme parks, stadiums, hotels, restaurants and hospitals nationwide. And it’s in part because of that extensive experience in hospitality that Fulghom can appreciate how important Florida Citrus Sports can be to the Central Florida region.

“I take great pride in knowing that Florida Citrus Sports has drawn numerous people to the city and helped showcase Orlando to the world,” Fulghom said. “The renovations (to Camping World Stadium) have brought numerous opportunities to the city of Orlando and allowed us to host events that never seemed possible.”


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