Oct 24, 2016

Member Spotlight: Susan Fortini

Florida Citrus Sports member Susan Fortini has a great deal of gratitude when it comes to FCS. She is not only a longtime member, but she was employed by the organization early in her career and just last week returned to help fill the void left by the retiring Carol Monroe.  And according to Fortini, the relationships she formed over the years opened many doors personally and professionally.

“Having worked at the bowl, very early in my career, I always look back at that time … as one of the most beneficial jobs I’ve ever had.

Fortini stayed involved with FCS through the years and while employed at Bright House Networks, helped recruit its leadership to become involved in leadership at FCS.  Then, when she opened her own Fast Signs business, FCS turned to her to provide many of the signage needs for the organization.

Fortini, who sold her successful business in early 2015, explains that people want to do business with people they know. She credits her membership and involvement with FCS as a way of opening doors to get connected with a great group of people from the area.

Fortini says one of her proudest moments as a member was being part of the stadium renovations. She played a big role in planning and procuring permanent and temporary signage – from small temporary signs to the large format sponsor gate signs – in and around the building.

“It’ll be two years in December,” she said. “We were very involved … For me personally, and professionally, we had an incredible amount of work, and very hard work.

And FCS is grateful too.

“I don’t know what we would have done without her,” recalls Cathy Weeden, FCS’ chief sales & marketing officer. “Being able to call upon Susan and her expertise as we were designing and building sponsor signs and banners for a building that was still under construction changed the game for us. And that’s what makes the members of FCS so special. They step up, lend their expertise and make the organization stronger. The staff could not do it without them.”

And big is what the schedule at Camping World Stadium has become.

“Look at all the events we have there now!” Fortini exclaimed. “It’s incredible! I mean (Steve) Hogan always said, ‘If you build it, they will come.’ And he wasn’t kidding. Though, it was hard for him to convince people of that at the time.”

Fortini mentioned the incredible networking opportunities, along with the great seats one can purchase at the many events FCS is responsible for as just two of the great benefits of FCS membership.

As a Florida State Seminole fan, couldn’t wait for her team to play in the Camping World Kickoff versus Ole Miss. She had numerous friends and relatives come in for the game and said the economic impact of that game – and many other events – will also be a great boost for hotels, restaurants, rental car companies and plenty of other businesses.  Then there’s the ACC Championship game, the Pro Bowl and so much more.

“It really elevates us into the national spotlight,” Fortini said with excitement.


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