Nov 18, 2014

Pepsi Becomes Beverage Provider For Orlando Citrus Bowl Stadium

Florida Citrus Sports announced a new multi-year business relationship today for PepsiCo to become official and exclusive non-alcoholic beverage provider for the newly renovated Orlando Citrus Bowl Stadium.  PepsiCo’s iconic brands will now be available for sale throughout the stadium: Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Gatorade, Sierra Mist, Aquafina and Lipton Iced Teas. 

The reconstructed Citrus Bowl stadium will host its first event this Saturday, November 22, as Bethune-Cookman University and Florida A&M University square off in the 35th annual Florida Blue Florida Classic.

PepsiCo’s innovative partnership with Buffalo Wild Wings is exposed in branding throughout the stadium.  Buffalo Wild Wings is the new title sponsor of Orlando’s legendary New Year’s Day bowl game, now known as the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl.  Beverage coolers at the concession stands will be co-branded, showing the first of many joint year-round promotional endeavors between PepsiCo and Buffalo Wild Wings at the new venue. 

In combination with the new Orlando Citrus Bowl Stadium, PepsiCo’s longstanding commitment to the Orlando community is sure to ignite a strong relationship that will both enhance the partnership with Buffalo Wild Wings and bring fans an unforgettable game day experience.


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