Distance from Memorial Stadium: 77 Miles

Address: 61 Terminal Dr Ste 1, Fletcher, NC 28732

Airlines: Allegiant, American Airlines, United, Delta, JetBlue, Sun Country Airlines.

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Distance from Memorial Stadium: 131 Miles

Address: 5501 Josh Birmingham Parkway, Charlotte, NC 28208

Airlines: Air Canada, American Airlines, Contour, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit, Sun Country Airlines, United, Volaris.

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Distance from Memorial Stadium: 132 Miles

Address: 6000 N Terminal Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30320

Airlines: Alaskan Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, United, JetBlue, Frontier, Southern Airways Express, Southwest, Spirit.

Scout Tip: It is very expensive to fly in closer to Clemson. Saved a lot of money by flying into Atlanta and driving 2 hours to the game.

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Distance from Memorial Stadium: 48.7 Miles

Address: 2000 Gsp Dr, Greer, SC 29651

Airlines:  Allegiant, American Airlines, United, Delta, Southwest, Silver Airways, Breeze Airways, Avelo Airlines.

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Distance from stadium: 55 Miles

Overall Scout Rating: 8

Price: 9

Proximity to Campus: 8

Quality: 6



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  • We made our way directly to the press box. Most of the media had already been there and moved on to their seating. It didn’t lead to very much engagement since the seating arrangements were in rows and not easily accessible for any conversation engagement. Also wanted to respect their space and workflow. Interestingly, hardly anyone left their area during the game.
  • Most interactions and conversations with media, press box personnel, and fans centered around the Pop-Tarts partnership and explaining the change with Cheez It and Pop-Tarts in their alignment with the two bowl games.
  • The downtown area of Clemson near the stadium is really nice. There are plenty of restaurants and shops to wander through.
  • The university allows fans onto the field after the game. It was a nice experience to take photos and take in the stadium.
  • An afternoon or night game can offer a ton of experiences from restaurant and local spots The city is small enough where you can explore so much of it.
  • Traffic is pretty intense both before and after the game. They do change the traffic patterns but do expect to wait a while to get home.
  • The team running down the hill was one of the more exciting things I have experienced while scouting a game.
  • They did not promote field access, but it was allowed. If you are on the field at the end of the game be aware that student rush the field after every win.
  • Coach Dabo takes a very long time to show up for his post-game press conference. It started nearly two hours after the game ended.
  •  We arrived at campus 2.5 hours before kick-off but took 45 minutes to an hour to get to Media Parking.
  • Printed passes were not provided, no directions, and media lot not labeled. Best GPS locator; “Southwest Corner of Perimeter Road and Old Stadium Road. The building name is – Clemson University – Administrative Services & Surplus & Receiving.
  • Stay downtown, if possible, for the best experience.
  • Use a golf cart taxi to get to the stadium, as parking is tricky.

Memorial Stadium is located at 200 Champion Ave, Clemson, SC 29631

Directions, road closures, parking maps and more can be found at the official venue website below.

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The Esso Club

  • Packed on gameday.
  • Enjoyed the Oconee Power Plant Chili topped with cheese.

All In Coffee Shop

  • Artist infused coffee and tea drinks.
  • The sausage, egg, and cheese is delicious.


El Jimador Viejo II

The best Mexican food we have ever had. We got a grande burrito with grilled steak and chicken quesadilla, and both were bomb! So much flavor!!! The portions were generous, and the leftovers were just as amazing as fresh. We got a carry out and it was extremely fast as well. Highly recommend it! -Yelp

Nick and Mike Bar and Grill

Ambiance- cool
Service- great
Food- delicious!
We just visited Nick & Mike on a whim & were so very happy we did. The carnivore was happy, and the vegetarian was also happy with the options. Mozzarella sticks were good, but the Bruschetta was out of this world! My partner got the Po’boy with yummy, seasoned fries and destroyed it while I got one of the yummiest Beyond Burgers I’ve had in a long time (topped w/ bbq sauce, cheddar cheese & onion rings) Chef’s Kiss Truly. Can’t wait to return. -Yelp


The team’s stadium entry, Tiger Walk, begins at the Rogers Family Lot (Lot 5) two hours and 15 minutes prior to kickoff.

Scout Tips: Clemson made a beautiful brick paved entrance leading up to the stadium for the Tiger Walk.

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When the Clemson team gathers to run down The Hill, the players rub Howard’s Rock because of the mystical powers it is supposed to give Clemson players.

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