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Pull together as a team and everybody comes out a winner.

Florida Citrus Sports (FCSports) is a not-for-profit membership organization made up of supporters of the Central Florida community who believe that as a committed group, we can make an impact.

Members are the backbone of everything that we do, ensuring that we have the community commitment to host two of the top postseason college football games in the country. Those events deliver tens of millions in economic activity for the region, hours of nationwide exposure on television, tremendous experiences for our residents, and ultimately the resources to help those less fortunate in our community.

It all started in 1947 when the Elks Lodge 1079 hosted the first game to benefit the Harry Anna Children’s Hospital for Crippled Children. Building on years of pride and tradition, Florida Citrus Sports continues to be an organization of the community, for the community

We don’t have an offseason.

Florida Citrus Sports plans regular gatherings throughout Orlando to encourage membership camaraderie and provide a great opportunity for members to network with one another both socially and professionally.

Events range from our marquee events like Member Celebration and Feast on the 50 to a Saturday afternoon watching college football. Members receive first access to all of these events and often discounted or complimentary admission where applicable.

Get off the sidelines and get into the game.

One of the best things about membership is the ability to team up with other members and be an active participant. We offer a wide range of committees, events and volunteer opportunities, giving you plenty of chances to get out there, get social and be a part of the one of our region’s longest running traditions.

You can get involved with planning an event or assisting with specific aspects of the organization through committees, or pitch in with your familiy or friends on event day. Volunteer service from our members is a vital part of our organization’s success, and we recognize the “Volunteers of the Year” at the end of the season.

One of the most popular volunteer groups is the Team Selection Committee. Throughout the college football season, members represent FCSports on campus at schools across the Big Ten, SEC, ACC and Big 12. Called “scouts” after their matchmaking origins, this all-volunteer scouting community keeps us connected to the world of college athletics. Throughout the season, the Team Selection Committee gathers for a Monday breakfast featuring reports from those who visited a campus the previous Saturday and a review of each week’s impact on the bowl process.

Membership Ticket Packages

A Florida Citrus Sports membership features tickets to the Vrbo Citrus Bowl and Cheez-It Bowl as well as other amenities such as parking passes, priority access to other events and exclusive networking opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions other than what you see listed? We’re here to help! Call our offices at 407.423.2476 and we’d be happy to give you the answers you need and find the membership package that is right for you.

Where are member seats located?

Member tickets are primarily in the Field and Plaza levels of the stadium (lower bowl). However, members may elect to select some tickets in the Terrace Level (upper deck).

Do I get to choose my own seats?

All seating for members will be done with consideration given to stated preference provided in the renewal process and your priority level based upon years of consecutive membership with FCSports. All seating is subject to availability in respective sections.

How can I sit with my friends?

We will do our best to accommodate these requests subject to availability in the locations included in each respective membership package. If the two packages are at different levels, the member at the higher level would have to forego their place in the priority seating order and wait to be seated when the other member’s place in the order comes up.

Does my club ticket give me access to other stadium events?

Members with club seats will be given the right of first refusal (ROFR) to purchase tickets for most stadium events. The ROFR window will be determined by the promoter of the event and will be communicated to club members by Florida Citrus Sports.

Which side of the stadium does each conference sit on for the bowl games?

For the Vrbo Citrus Bowl, the Big Ten will be on the west sideline while the SEC is on the east sideline. In the Cheez-It Bowl, the Big 12 is on the west sideline while the ACC is on the east sideline.

When do general public tickets go on sale?

Any tickets still available after the sale of membership packages will go on public sale in the Fall.

Where can I use my parking passes?

Parking will be assigned in a fashion similar to stadium seating. We will do our best to assign parking spaces as close as possible to seating locations according to membership priority and available lots.

Where is ADA seating?

Along the Sideline Goal areas at the Field level (100 sections) and all around the bowl at the Plaza level (P sections).

Can I upgrade at a later date?

Of course! Upgrades are always available, though availability of seating options may vary later in the year.

If I am unable to use all of my tickets, is there somewhere I can donate them?

Through Florida Citrus Sports Foundation’s Dream Ticket Clearinghouse, members may donate their unused tickets to economically disadvantaged children in the Central Florida community, and in the process, you may receive a tax deductible charitable donation. To take advantage of this program, contact the Florida Citrus Sports at 407-423-2476.

Is Florida Citrus Sports a government agency?

No. Florida Citrus Sports Events, Inc., and our other corporations are 501(c)3 charitable corporations.

Does Florida Citrus Sports operate the stadium?

Camping World Stadium is owned and operated by the City of Orlando from whom we rent our offices and the stadium for our games and other events.

Terms & Conditions

Membership becomes active on date of purchase or renewal and expires March 31, 2021.

A Florida Citrus Sports Events, Inc., membership may be purchased and owned by an individual, business or organization. Each membership is recorded with Florida Citrus Sports in a single person’s name, representing the Owner (individual, business or organization). More than one Owner representative may be named only if the Owner holds additional memberships.

Members cannot transfer ownership without a written application and approval by Florida Citrus Sports. Privileges of Ownership for many Florida Citrus Sports activities, i.e. tickets and invitations, may not be transferred to anyone other than the named Owner representative. Member representatives may be changed at any time by written notice to Florida Citrus Sports by an officer or authorized agent of the Owner.

If at any time, the Owner’s named member, mailing address, email address, telephone or other pertinent information changes, Florida Citrus Sports assumes no liability for lost member privileges due to incorrect records, if the owner does not notify Florida Citrus Sports in writing of such changes.

By becoming a member you acknowledge that Florida Citrus Sports has an established business relationship with you and therefore has the right to contact you by mail, phone, email or fax concerning future games and other events for up to 18 months from the date of membership activation.

Member and Member’s guests shall be bound by and shall observe the terms and conditions upon which tickets for admission to the Camping World Stadium are issued for any game or event including, without limitation, the policy adopted by the issuer of such tickets with respect to the cancellation or postponement of the game or event.

Member and Member’s guests shall at all times maintain proper decorum and shall comply with all present and future laws, ordinances, orders, rules and regulations of FCSE and all duly constituted governmental authorities having any jurisdiction in the Camping World Stadium and will not suffer or permit to remain any use or manner of use of Membership in violation thereof, including, but not limited to, any regulations prohibiting persons from bringing food or liquor into the Camping World Stadium.

Florida Citrus Sports has the sole right to determine eligibility of any individual for membership. Florida Citrus Sports retains the right to reject any membership application or renewal, provided the same is in compliance with applicable federal and state laws.

All sales are final. No refunds, cancellations, or exchanges are permitted.

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