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It’s game time! Florida sports fans and fans from all over the country – gather for Florida Citrus Sports game days and enjoy every game together with our Membership Ticket Packages! Learn more about what each package has to offer in our Membership Guide below.


Membership packages with Florida Citrus Sports provide members with priority access to the best seats in the house, plus a variety of other benefits and opportunities. We all know that what makes these big-time events as incredible as they are, is the fanbase. Our members have been the lifeblood of our organization since its inception in 1947.

With our membership packages, you will be able to get so much more from the already incredible events hosted at Camping World Stadium.

No matter what membership level you choose, become a part of the Florida Citrus Sports family and keep up-to-date with all of the world-class events we offer. We have membership packages for all of your needs and price points. Be a dedicated part of the community that hosts two of the top postseason college football games in the country as well as other regular gatherings throughout Orlando.

Membership Benefits

Whether you are just looking to head over to the Camping World Stadium on game days or you are interested in the everyday benefits, we have a package for you. With a membership, you can enjoy these great benefits:

  • Bowl game tickets
  • Parking passes
  • Networking opportunities
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Right of first refusal to purchase other tickets for games and events
  • Scout the bowl teams

Here at Florida Citrus Sports, we don’t have an offseason. We make a point to organize regular, year-round gatherings throughout Orlando. These events create prime networking opportunities, whether that be socially or professionally. Our members create the community that exists today – one that welcomes all members to participate and bond with one another.

Our year-round events range from our marquee events, such as Member Celebration and Feast on the 50, to a more casual Saturday afternoon enjoying college football.

No matter what the event is, as a Member, you will have exclusive, first access to every event we host. On top of that, we often provide discounted or complimentary admission where applicable!

Still not convinced? It’s time you get off the sidelines and get into the game. One of the best things about being a Florida Citrus Sports Member is being able to team up with our other members to get out there, give back to the wonderful Central Florida community, and be a part of your local community. Whether you become a member of one of our wide-ranging committees, volunteer in local events, or just get out there to be social – you will be a part of one of our region’s longest-running traditions.

Our members especially love the volunteer opportunities they can be a part of. Giving back to the community you love can be one of the most rewarding experiences. We love to recognize the “Volunteer of the Year” every year at the end of the season. That could be you!

One of the most popular volunteer groups is the Team Selection Committee. As a member, you can be a part of the committee that represents Florida Citrus Sports on campus at schools across the Big Ten, SEC, ACC, and Big 12. Help us stay connected to the college football world each week by ‘scouting’ teams and fanbases across the country. The Team Selection Committee gathers for a Monday breakfast throughout the season and features reports from those who visited a college campus the previous Saturday. You can provide the committee with a full review of each week’s impact on the bowl process.

Who Typically Buys Memberships?

While we encourage anyone and everyone to purchase a membership, more often than not, our memberships are typically purchased by:

  • Businesses who buy memberships to give their employees and customers access to all of the benefits
  • Individuals who buy memberships for themselves and their family to have access to all of the ticketed and local events
  • Individuals who want to be actively involved in the community and attend the philanthropic events

Whether or not you fall into one of those categories does not matter. Anyone can become a member by signing up for the Membership Package that works best for them.

Membership Options 

Are you looking to buy just a couple of tickets? Are you looking to buy enough tickets for a whole group of people? No matter what you are looking for – you will find a Membership Package that works for you.

In the table below, you will see a comparison of what it will cost you to buy just two Citrus Bowl tickets and an on-site parking pass without a membership and what it would cost to get a membership that not only includes the Citrus Bowl game and parking but also so much more!

As you can see, each Membership Package provides you with much more than non-membership options!

As a member at any level, you will first and foremost get access to our year-round benefits, which include:

  • Opportunity to buy additional bowl game tickets before the public has access
  • Interest-free payment plans
  • Presales for other stadium games/events
  • A dedicated member service representative
  • Scout the bowl teams
  • Volunteer opportunities at games and events

Our year-round events include things like concerts, international soccer tournaments, and various football games. If this sounds like something that’s right for you, learn more about what each membership level includes below.

Gridiron Membership

Our most cost-effective package, the Gridiron Membership includes everything you could want in a sports membership package for just $555:

  • 2 sideline goal tickets to Vrbo Citrus Bowl (Big Ten vs. SEC)
  • 2 sideline goal tickets to Cheez-It Bowl (ACC vs. Big 12)
  • 1 parking pass to Vrbo Citrus Bowl
  • 1 parking pass to Cheez-It Bowl
  • 2 tickets to Feast on the 50

Varsity Membership

Our next tier is the Varsity Membership. For just $955, your membership includes:

  • 4 sideline goal tickets to Vrbo Citrus Bowl (Big Ten vs. SEC)
  • 4 sideline goal tickets to Cheez-It Bowl (ACC vs. Big 12)
  • 1 parking pass to Vrbo Citrus Bowl
  • 1 parking pass to Cheez-It Bowl
  • 4 tickets to Feast on the 50

Captain Membership

Always wanted to be a captain? In our Captain Membership, your membership includes all of the below benefits for just $2,040:

  • 8 sideline goal tickets to Vrbo Citrus Bowl (Big Ten vs. SEC)
  • 8 sideline goal tickets to Cheez-It Bowl (ACC vs. Big 12)
  • 4 corner/end zone/terrace tickets to Vrbo Citrus Bowl (Big Ten vs. SEC)
  • 4 corner/end zone/terrace tickets to Cheez-It Bowl (ACC vs. Big 12)
  • 2 parking passes to Vrbo Citrus Bowl
  • 2 parking passes to Cheez-It Bowl
  • 12 tickets to Feast on the 50

Champion Membership

Our Champion Membership is everything you could dream of for a big group of sports fans. Starting at just $4,080, your membership benefits include:

  • 16 sideline red zone tickets to Vrbo Citrus Bowl (Big Ten vs. SEC)
  • 16 sideline red zone tickets to Cheez-It Bowl (ACC vs. Big 12)
  • 8 corner/end zone to Vrbo Citrus Bowl (Big Ten vs. SEC)
  • 8 corner/end zone to Cheez-It Bowl (ACC vs. Big 12)
  • 3 parking passes to Vrbo Citrus Bowl
  • 3 parking passes to Cheez-It Bowl
  • 12 tickets to Feast on the 50

Legend Membership

Ready to be legendary? Join our Legend Membership for $11,665 and get all of the benefits you and your group of sports fans need:

  • 60 tickets to each bowl game, including:
    • 24 sideline midfield tickets to Vrbo Citrus Bowl (Big Ten vs. SEC)
    • 24 sideline midfield tickets to Cheez-It Bowl (ACC vs. Big 12)
    • 10 sideline goal tickets to Vrbo Citrus Bowl
    • 10 sideline goal tickets to Cheez-It Bowl
    • 26 corner/end zone tickets to Vrbo Bowl
    • 26 corner/end zone to Cheez-It Bowl
    • 5 parking passes to Vrbo Citrus Bowl
    • 5 parking passes to Cheez-It Bowl
  • 30 tickets to Feast on the 50
  • 1 invitation to the Team Selection Committee Kickoff Dinner

Whether you are buying this package for your company or for your friends and family, your group will be ready for the ultimate football season!

Clubs and Suites

If you are looking for an indoor experience in addition to sideline or endzone tickets, check out some of our different premium seating options with our clubs and suites.

Some benefits of having a club or suite are:

  • Covered outdoor seating and indoor retreats
  • Air-conditioned retreats
  • Private restrooms
  • Wall-to-wall TVs
  • Full-service bars
  • Exclusive food and beverage options
  • VIP parking
  • Early stadium admission
  • Private entry gates
  • Tickets to Feast on the 50

Club and Suite prices start as low as $900! Check out our detailed list of premium seating options for more information.

Membership Questions

Where are the member seats located?

Member tickets are primarily in the Field and Plaza levels of the stadium (lower bowl). However, members may elect to select some tickets in the Terrace Level (upper deck). 

Check out what the view from your seat would be like in any of our packages.

Do I get to choose my own seats?

All seating for members will be done with consideration given to stated preference provided in the renewal process and your priority level based upon years of consecutive membership with FCSports. All seating is subject to availability in respective sections.

How can I sit with my friends?

We will do our best to accommodate these requests subject to availability in the locations included in each respective membership package. If the two packages are at different levels, the member at the higher level would have to forego their place in the priority seating order and wait to be seated when the other member’s place in the order comes up.

Does my club ticket give me access to other stadium events?

Members with club seats will be given the right of first refusal (ROFR) to purchase tickets for most stadium events. The ROFR window will be determined by the promoter of the event and will be communicated to club members by Florida Citrus Sports.

Which side of the stadium does each conference sit on for the bowl games?

For the Vrbo Citrus Bowl, the Big Ten will be on the west sideline while the SEC is on the east sideline. In the Cheez-It Bowl, the Big 12 is on the west sideline while the ACC is on the east sideline.

When do general public tickets go on sale?

Any tickets still available after the sale of membership packages will go on public sale in the Fall.

Where can I use my parking passes?

Parking will be assigned in a fashion similar to stadium seating. We will do our best to assign parking spaces as close as possible to seating locations according to membership priority and available lots.

Where is ADA seating?

Along the Sideline Goal areas at the Field level (100 sections) and all around the bowl at the Plaza level (P sections).

Can I upgrade at a later date?

Of course! Upgrades are always available, though the availability of seating options may vary later in the year.

If I’m unable to use all of my tickets, is there somewhere I can donate them?

Through Florida Citrus Sports Foundation’s Dream Ticket Clearinghouse, members may donate their unused tickets to economically disadvantaged children in the Central Florida community, and in the process, you may receive a tax-deductible charitable donation. To take advantage of this program, contact Florida Citrus Sports at 407-423-2476.

Terms and Conditions

Learn about our Terms and Conditions when becoming a member here!

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