Distance from Oklahoma Memorial Stadium: 23 Miles

Address: 7100 Terminal Drive, Unit 937, Oklahoma City, OK 73159

Airlines: Alaska Airlines, Allegiant, American Airlines, Delta, Frontier, Southwest, United.

Scout Tips:

  •  It is an easy airport to get into and security was quick. Rental cars are available off property.
  • Stay in OKC and it is an easy drive to Norman.
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Distance from stadium: 4.2 Miles

Overall Scout Rating: 10

Price: 8

Proximity to Campus: 6

Quality: 10

Scout Tips: The hotel is 10 minutes from campus, with several restaurants close by.

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Distance from stadium: 21 Miles

Overall Scout Rating: 9

Price: 5

Proximity to Campus: 7

Quality: 6

Scout Tips: It’s a quick and easy drive in and out of the stadium.


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  • There is no field access until 7 minutes in the fourth quarter. At venues where this happens, it is often harder to meet your contacts.
  • Lyft and Ubers seem to be slow. Pre-order if you want to get to the stadium at specific time.
  • The press box is small and doesn’t have much food.
  • There is an app on fans phone for night games that creates a light show. There is pretty cool lighting within the stadium.

Oklahoma Memorial Stadium is located at 1185 Asp Ave, Norman, OK 73019

Directions, road closures, parking maps and more can be found at the official venue website below.


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Fuzys Taco Shop

Ted’s Cafe Escondido

Mickey Mantle’s Steak House



  • O’Connell’s has great bar food and TVs for games.


  • Logie’s seems to be the most popular bar for Friday happy hour and post-game.

Yo! Pablo

  • Yo! Pablo is a quick place to grab a bite on gameday can order from the bar and they get your order fast.


We were in search of a quiet relaxing dinner and Charleston’s was perfect. The service was great from top to bottom. We were warmly welcomed at the door, our waiter was on top of everything throughout our meal, and the manager came by to ask if we needed anything. My husband enjoyed their crispy, delicious chicken fingers with baked beans and coleslaw, while I had the ruby red trout with asparagus and flavorful rice pilaf. Everything was incredible! -Yelp

Magic Noodle

Hand pulled noodles right in front of us! The flavor was out of this world! I wasn’t sure what to order so I basically asked the server what is most popular for a first timer. I can’t remember what we had but it was delicious!
Never rushed by the wait staff. The employees were so kind and friendly. Ambiance was low key and comfortable.
I’m getting hungry just thinking about those hand-made noodles. Please check them out, you will love it! -Yelp



Scout Tip: Campus Corner is an area off main street with food, bars and shops. They have a huge screen that showed the game for people that didn’t go. The screen was still showing other college games hours after this game ended.

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