Distance from Amon G. Carter Stadium:  28 miles

Address: 2400 Aviation Dr, Dallas, TX 75261

Airlines: Air Canada, Alaskan Airlines, American Airlines, Contour, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Southern Airway Express, Spirit, Sun Country Airlines, United.

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Distance from Amon G. Carter Stadium: 38 miles

Address: 7555 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, TX 75209

Airlines: Alaska, Delta, Southwest.

Scout Tips: Love Field easy to navigate. I recommend doing precheck for rental cars because wait to get cars can be painful.

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Distance from Amon G. Carter Stadium: 2.5 miles

Overall Scout Rating: 7

Price: 8

Proximity to Campus: 9

Quality: 6


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Distance from Amon G. Carter Stadium: 5 miles

Overall Scout Rating: 9


Proximity to Campus: 


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Distance from Amon G. Carter Stadium: 20 miles

Overall Scout Rating:  

Price: 5

Proximity to Campus: 6


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  • Parking is very difficult. The parking pass supplied by TCU was for the farthest lot from the stadium.
  • Rideshare to the game if possible.
  • TCU fans travel extremely well. All fans we talked to said they would travel to any bowl they make.
  • They have incredible tailgates and hospitality.
  • There wasn’t a ton of direction for scouts and not everyone in the stadium knew where to find the press box or where field access was so arriving a bit early to get situated is a good idea.
  • TCU has some really great in game entertainment both during TV timeouts and on screens between plays that really gets the crowd into it, be sure to take it all in.
  • One of the best in-stadium gameday experiences I’ve ever seen, hands down, across all sports & pro as well. Every detail is well thought out, planned & implemented.
  • If you’re at the Ft. Worth Stockyards before heading to the game figure out when the cattle drives are because you could get caught up in it and not be able to move your car for an extended period of time until it ends.
  • Take the time to walk the stadium on the fan side of things, from under the scoreboard, the Club area, student section etc. Great people, smiles everywhere, awesome views & different perspectives from each section. Worth the walk to explore.
  • Definitely get there early. Tailgating is done Texas style!

Amon G. Carter Stadium is located at 2850 Stadium Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76109

Directions, road closures, parking maps and more can be found at the official venue website below.

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Scout Tip: The Stockyards have significantly improved from past years.

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