Distance from Texas Memorial Stadium: 9 Miles

Address: 3600 Presidential Blvd, Austin, TX 78719

Airlines: Frontier, Allegiant, United, Sun Country Airlines, Spirit, Southwest, JetBlue, Delta, Alaskan Airlines.

Scout Tip: The airport is very busy in and around game days. Security takes extra time to get through.

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Distance from Texas Memorial Stadium: 2.7 Miles

Overall Scout Rating: 8

Price: 5

Proximity to Campus: 7

Quality: 10


Distance from Texas Memorial Stadium: 1.4 Miles

Overall Scout Rating: 7

Price: 7

Proximity to Campus: 8

Quality: 9

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Distance from Texas Memorial Stadium: 1.3 Miles

Overall Scout Rating:  10

Price: 6

Proximity to Campus: 9

Quality: 9

Scout Tip: Great service and location right off 6th street.

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Distance from Texas Memorial Stadium: 1.4 Miles

Overall Scout Rating:  5

Price: 1

Proximity to Campus: 10

Quality: 5

Scout Tip: This is the Texas Team hotel so the players blocked off most of the hotel services.  There is a live music restaurant right below the hotel that play music loudly until after 1am. Hotel restaurant ha great food.

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Distance from Texas Memorial Stadium: 1.7 Miles

Overall Scout Rating: 8

Price: 5

Proximity to Campus: 8

Quality: 8

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  • Texas hosts a pregame fan fest. It is probably the best I’ve ever seen. It’s stretches two long city blocks around the entire stadium is free for all.
  • Ubering early to the stadium was easy with regular pricing, Uber after the game was pricey but with minimal waits. Uber is plentiful and easy in Austin.
  • Take the time to get there early. Activity picks up around campus at least 3 hours prior to the game.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to get photos with Bevo (The live longhorn mascot) early as crowds really gather closer to game time.
  • The media room exits into a display of Texas football history including uniforms, trophies, and plaques of history.
  • The press box was air conditioned but on the field was hot, make sure to prepare for that with water available in the press box.
  • After the game they take media to the corner of the field as well as to the press conference room and you are able to have a brief interaction with a photo with Coach Sarkisian if you are lucky.
  • Austin is such a cool city and there’s really something to do for everyone so make the most of a great city and college football atmosphere.
  • The Press box has drinks but no food. Be sure to eat before you go.
  • The Pre-game only sideline pass was limiting as you get very little interaction during the pre-game. Most of the former players and donors show up during the game so you miss the opportunity to talk to them and get their feeling of what is going on.
  • Tailgating is “scattered” and most of the activity is set up on the West side of the stadium.
  • Use the field access before the game and get there early enough to walk the blocked off street prior to the game. They have lots of family activities and things for the fans to do.

Texas Memorial Stadium is located at 2100 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin, TX 78712

Directions, road closures, parking maps and more can be found at the official venue website below.

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Franklins BBQ

Scout Tip: The ribs are fantastic! Be prepared for a long wait and arrive at opening. They have folding chairs to borrow while waiting in line and sell drinks as you wait.

Perrys Steakhouse

Roosevelt Room

Scholtz Garden


Scout Tips: Burgers are delicious!

Flat Track Coffee

Scout Tip: Flat track has great coffee and vibes.


Scout Tip: Great tacos!



Scout Tip: Tex-Mex place outside of the downtown was incredibly reasonably priced and good food.


ATX Cocina


Usually when a restaurant has been open for a long time they tend to coast.
Not Foodheads! Their chicken and eggplant sandwich is better than ever and the garden salad was so fresh! The pickled cucumbers are a great accompaniment to the plate. If you haven’t been here-I think they have the best sandwiches in Austin! -Yelp

Cabo Bob’s 

The best place to get a burrito hands down. It’s pretty much a way better version of a chipotle, with better quality ingredients and more options. I used to go here at least twice a week when I went to school in Austin, now i come anytime I visit Austin. Love this place!!! -Yelp



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