Welcome to our 2023 Online Scout School presented by AdventHealth!

In order to complete this online version of Scout School you must:

  • Register for On-Demand Zoom Webinar
  • Watch the On-Demand Scout School Recording
  • Complete the Online Scout Quiz

Once you complete these steps, a Florida Citrus Sports team member will reach out to confirm that you are all set up for the 2023-24 College Football season!

On-Demand Scout School Registration

Online Scout Quiz

Q1: You are guaranteed to scout a game if you request it.(Required)
Q2: How long do you have to accept or decline a game you are assigned in the Team Selection Committee Portal?(Required)
Q3: Where can the Open Game Request Form be found during the season?(Required)
Q4: When do we stop scouting ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, and SEC teams?(Required)
Q5: What day of the week will Team Selection Committee meetings take place?(Required)
Q6: Who is the new Florida Citrus Sports Customer Relations Coordinator who will be assisting Colleen with Scouting this season?(Required)
Q7: If you live in Central Florida, where will you pickup your Scout Packet?(Required)
Scout Scenario 1: You're on a Big Ten scout trip and a reporter says, "Come on! You have to want Ohio State in your game. They have a huge fan base and brand recognition. You don't want a school like Indiana there!" What should you say?(Required)
Scout Scenario 2: You're scouting the Iron Bowl this year at Jordan-Hare Stadium. What should you wear to the game?(Required)
Scout Scenario 3: You're walking through a tailgate lot on your way into the stadium. A group of fans stop you to ask about the Pop-Tarts Bowl and after a brief conversation they offer you a parting beer and a Jell-O shot. What should you do?(Required)


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