When it comes to hosting Orlando and Central Florida business events to entertain your most cherished clients and prospects, several options are available. However, the events of the past might not cut it in today’s swiftly evolving business environment.

What used to work before isn’t guaranteed to work today, and it’s up to each business to adapt and start chasing the new golden standard of business entertainment — memorable experiences.

The Evolving Landscape of Business Entertainment

In today’s rapidly changing world, businesses must be agile and quick to adapt, especially if they want an edge over the competition.

Such is the case with business entertainment. No more relying on fine-dining meals, cocktail parties, and the occasional get-together — the landscape has shifted toward creating memorable experiences rather than “one-off” occasions. How many times have your clients or prospects been “wined & dined” at a fancy restaurant or attended an office party?

Unique experiences are now the name of the game. The business that succeeds in delivering that elusive one-of-a-kind memory will find themselves building deeper connections and trust with their clients and prospects. Smart businesses have caught on to the trend and realized premium seating areas in unique sporting and entertainment event centers can deliver an air of exclusivity and an unforgettable experience to their clients.

For any company looking to set themselves apart and deliver an experience that attendees won’t forget, hosting their next business event at the Florida Citrus Sports premium seating spaces at Camping World Stadium in Orlando may be the perfect solution!

The Right Solution to Client Entertainment Is Key to Engagement

Partnerships and relationships with your clients and prospects start within the walls of your business.

More importantly, however, the strength, trust, and empowerment needed to nurture those relationships are built through exciting external events. These exclusive experiences at world-class venues are where you make your clients and prospects feel like they’re on top of the world.

It’s critical for your business to get your client entertainment right. The way to do so is by offering an exciting, experiential solution and thinking outside the box.

Invest in Client Entertainment Now

Targeting your client entertainment investments toward unique, memorable experiences should be a top priority for your business. As your relationship with your clients and prospects grows, your business will begin to see expansion and higher client retention.

Develop a Solid Entertainment Plan

You’ve likely heard the phrase, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” It’s no different for client and prospect entertainment and relationship building. The first step needs to be developing a solid entertainment plan tailored to the specific needs and interests of both clients and prospective clients. Doing so will put you in the lead before you’ve even begun.

Leverage Business-Friendly External Environments

Take a meeting in the office, and then jump over to the boardroom — that’s been done, overdone, and breeds nothing but boredom. As an intelligent and forward-looking business, your priority should be to discover new business-friendly external environments that can foster growth in your prospect and client relationships while simultaneously creating memories.

Step Outside the Box, Invest in Premium Memberships

What if you could strengthen key partnerships, drive revenue growth, enhance your networking and relationship-building opportunities, and position your business as a leader all at the same time? Intelligent companies are doing this every day by leveraging premium seating, luxury suites, and exclusive memberships at top-tier entertainment venues.

Leveraging premium seating and membership packages at world-class venues like Camping World Stadium allows your business to take your client entertainment to the next level. It’s a way to combine all four factors mentioned above and strengthen your business relationships further.

Benefits of Hosting Your Business Events With Florida Citrus Sports

Sports arenas all over the country have been responsible for a staggering number of business deals. If you’ve never experienced it for yourself, you have no idea what you’re missing!

Benefits of business events at Orlando sports venues

By strategically using the best seats in the house—such as exclusive suites, premium boxes, and luxurious amenities—your prospects and clients will learn to expect the most out of all future business entertainment, making your company the standard. 

Sports have been a way to bond, further relationships, and build trust for decades. Will your business embrace the opportunity? 

A Dedicated Member Services Representative Helps You Plan Your Business Events

One of the key benefits of premium seating and membership at Florida Citrus Sports is knowing you have a personal Member Services Representative specifically for your business.

Time is money, and the time you would spend planning logistics, finding events, scheduling events, and reserving spaces for out-of-town clients could add up quickly.

This is why having a dedicated representative to handle your venue usage and help plan your events around business goals is vital in furthering your business entertainment impact. Your member representative will help you get the most out of your membership by:

Mapping the year out in advance

Your member services representative will assist your business with mapping out the entire year’s events and handling all planning and logistics.

Aligning events with specific business goals

Based on your business goals, certain events may work better than others. Your representative will discuss your goals and use that as a starting point for picking and choosing the best events at Camping World Stadium for your clients, prospects, and employees to attend.

Carefully scheduling events around your business’s calendar

It’s not unusual to have a jam-packed calendar. Still, the time your business will save by simply sending your calendar over to your membership representative and letting them schedule in the gaps is worth its weight in gold!

Reserving events for out-of-town clients

On top of handling your own business, managing the reservations, logistics, and expectations of out-of-town clients can quickly become a handful. Your membership services representative will help your company coordinate out-of-town reservations with venue use, letting you focus on key business activities instead.

Offer Your Clients and Employees the Best View of the Event

How would your clients, prospects, and employees feel if they consistently had the best seats in the house?

This is what premium seating spaces at Camping World Stadium with Florida Citrus Sports offer: The perfect top-down vantage point of the game or event, luxurious amenities, private space for meetings, and various catering and additional entertainment offerings.

Your business could offer an unmatched air of exclusivity through both indoor and open-air amenities on a consistent basis by leveraging premium seating areas to benefit clients, prospects, and employees.

Diversity of Events Caters to Your Diverse Business Needs

Keep your business events interesting with a wide range of available events. When you’re looking to entertain existing or prospective clients, having several event possibilities to choose from lets you tailor the experience toward their interests.

Florida Citrus Sports hosts a number of events at Camping World Stadium, meaning there’s always an event just around the corner. Events are hosted year-round and include concerts, soccer tournaments, and football games, including the Cheez-It BowlVrbo Citrus BowlCamping World Kickoff, and Florida Classic, to name a few. 

Volunteer and Charitable Opportunities Let Your Business Give Back

Building and strengthening relationships through business entertainment is important, but so are the various volunteer opportunities Florida Citrus Sports offers to your business to participate in to show support for the community.

Place your business at the center of the action through the FCS volunteer program, and become involved in highly-visible events, including games televised nationally.

Show your support by donating unused tickets to the Florida Citrus Sports Foundation’s Dream Ticket Clearinghouse, and auction your suite to make money for your business’s preferred charity. Giving back is a key tenet of FCS, and we’d like your business to be involved in the action!

Networking Opportunities and Exclusive Member Events

Business leaders consistently close deals with clients and meet new prospects at various major sporting events. The networking opportunities provided by private events, gatherings, and meetings with FCS at Camping World Stadium could pay dividends for your business in the long run.

Florida Citrus Sports provides opportunities for networking through events like their Virtual Coffee Chats. In the past, they’ve held events like the Orlando Sports Business Panel and the Collegiate E-Sports Symposium. For members, there are events like Yoga at the Stadium. Some notable past events include the Florida Citrus Sports Member Night Out.

Boost Company Culture Among Employees With Premium Seating

Did you know that organizing company events in premium seating areas of world-class stadiums can bring your employees closer together, boost your company culture, and even recruit qualified candidates to your organization?

At Camping World Stadium, popular bowl games, various concerts, and other events can provide your employees with a stress-free environment where they can connect and build up their relationships outside the office.

To take this a step further, you can incentivize employees with rewards to popular bowl games after meeting a certain sales threshold, achieving a specific business benchmark, and similar incentive-based programs to drive revenue and keep employees engaged.

You can even use premium seating and arena memberships to recruit qualified candidates through invitations to unforgettable events and access to luxury amenities. Overall, your membership package or premium seating space is an extension of your organization’s benefits package. Every one of your employees will reap the rewards!

What Your Business Can Expect With a Florida Citrus Sports Membership Package

Priority access and the best seats in the house—this is just the beginning when it comes to the business entertainment benefits you can experience with a Florida Citrus Sports Membership Package.

Taking your prospects and clients to one of the upcoming events at Camping World Stadium is a great first step. Still, giving them an exclusive experience they’ll never forget is in a whole league of its own!

Some of the benefits membership ticket holders receive include:

  • Parking passes
  • Bowl game tickets
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Networking opportunities
  • Right of first refusal when buying other tickets for games and events
  • Scouting the bowl teams

Give your business exclusive, priority access to every game hosted at Camping World Stadium, and give your prospects and clients the luxurious game-day experience they crave.

Premium Seating Comes With a Range of Business Benefits

Forward-looking businesses wishing to build strong relationships with their client and prospect base have an incredible opportunity when it comes to premium seating areas within Camping World Stadium. This top-tier stadium is a state-of-the-art facility with an outstanding location, fantastic service, and unmatched comfort.

Here are the premium seating areas businesses can take advantage of:

  • Championship Club – These clubs exist along each sideline, giving your clients and prospects an incredible view of the game coupled with premium amenities. If you’d like your guests to feel like kings and queens, a Championship Club membership won’t fail to deliver!
  • Open-Air Clubs – Private club spaces that open directly to the field. These luxurious areas have private restrooms, full game-day sound, ambiance, and the feel of being right in the middle of the action. For any game-day event, these won’t fail to impress.
  • Loge Boxes – An entirely different type of upscale experience, these loge boxes can accommodate four people each. These can be perfect for smaller meetings with clients & prospects. Keep your eyes on the action from up above.
  • Skyline Suite – For businesses needing a private box that can accommodate a much larger guest capacity, the Skyline Suite has 3,500 square feet of an unmatched luxury suite experience—featuring a private bar, restrooms, indoor/outdoor covered seating, and even tickets to all stadium events.
  • Suites – Each suite emits a level of sophistication you can’t get anywhere else. These spaces have theater-style seating and can accommodate 8 to 20 guests each. Enjoy custom catering options, a personalized bar area, HD televisions, private restrooms, and more.

Any business that truly wants to take its entertainment to the next level can do so by becoming a Florida Citrus Sports member or securing premium seating space inside Camping World Stadium.

Blow your prospects and clients away with a series of experiences they’ll never forget.



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