Jun 21, 2013

CFO Dennis Braziel Honored At OBJ C-Level Awards

Florida Citrus Sports Chief Financial Officer Dennis Braziel was honored on Friday during the Orlando Business Journal’s C-Level Awards, which recognized the top c-level employees in Central Florida. It was the third such distinction for Braziel in three years. He was named nonprofit CFO of the Year in 2011 (a previous iteration of this award) and was included among the recognized nominees in 2012.

Braziel joined the FCSports staff in 2007 after serving as CFO for Hannover Life Reassurance in New York. Since arriving, he has guided the organization through superior fiscal accountability and corporate governance, including four consecutive “clean” audits. He also serves as director of human resources and helped construct FCSports’ first values statement.

Prior to joining the staff, Dennis was a member of Florida Citrus Sports since 1982. He was an active volunteer for the FWAA All-America Team Celebration and served on several committees, including Media Relations. In 2002, he was honored with the Howard Palmer Award, the most prestigious honor that a FCSports member can receive.

From the day he started, Dennis added a sense of credibility to the management of our financial accounts, bringing a lifetime of experience in the corporate world. Dennis has created a culture of transparency in our account management, from his governance of the audit process to his hands-on approach to crafting the company-wide budgets each year. His active involvement in every aspect of our financial review process keeps him proactive in forming our future business models while being inclusive of all staff members. He is one of the most well-liked people on staff, always taking the time to answer budget questions or helping move a palette of game programs where it belongs inside the stadium.

It’s yet another well-deserved honor for a man whose impact on the organization continues to grow each day.


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