Aug 21, 2014

Getting to Know FC Sports Member Rob Yacabucci

The Florida Citrus Sports (FCSports) award for Volunteer of the Year highlights one member each year that has done tremendous service for the organization’s events. FCSports awarded Yacabucci for his dedication, commitment and heart for the organization.

“It’s an honor to get recognized for something I truly love doing,” said Yacabucci.

Yacabucci, who joined FCSports in 2010, also volunteers for two other central Florida organizations. It was through one of these organizations, the Central Florida Gator Club, where Yacabucci met member Amy Horning, who introduced him to FCSports. Since he joined, Yacabucci has remained an active member and volunteers each year with plans to serve for many years to come.

“I really enjoy working with the staff. They are one of the best groups I work with when it comes to what they do, who they work with and how they treat their volunteers,” said Yacabucci.

Over the years, Yacabucci has overseen volunteers for the Feast on the 50, the Florida Blue Florida Classic, the Russell Athletic Bowl and the Capital One Bowl. Yacabucci has also volunteered at the Florida Citrus Parade where he drove and helped store the floats. This past year, Yacabucci went above and beyond and found time to reorganize FCSports’ 10,000 square-foot warehouse space.

Yacabucci remains active within the organization because of the joy it brings him to help others, especially kids. He also takes pride in knowing the money he helps raise for the Florida Citrus Sports Foundation benefits inner city youth and their lives.

“I love to reinforce what we’re doing here and how we’re helping the kids,” said Yacabucci.

Yacabucci is determined to inspire other members to have fun while representing Orlando and FCSports. He also wants to remind members that volunteering with FCSports is important because the organization’s mission is to help others. According to Yacabucci, the satisfaction of giving back to the community should motivate other members to become more involved.

“It’s amazing how much this small group can pull off in a short amount of time. So if I can help their efforts in any way, that is what I’m going to do,” said Yacabucci.

Favorite thing about FCSports: I really enjoy working with the FCSports staff. I’m always very impressed at the dedication that small group of staff has for what they do and how they treat their volunteers.

Favorite bowl/event memory: I was once told at a Florida Blue Florida Classic, “Rob, I want to thank you and Florida Citrus Sports for making my older sister’s day and the service you gave us.” That is something I’ll always remember because we were able to make someone’s day that was otherwise having a bad day.

Advice to current members: To remember that volunteer time helps better the lives of local kids’ futures and be proud of the great work we are doing for the Orlando community.  

Advice to new members: Have fun at anything you do with FCSports because you can. Also, try seeing if a staff member would mind being your mentor to keep you in the loop.


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