Dec 10, 2021

Transportation to Orlando Bowl Games

The Cheez-It Bowl and the Cheez-It Citrus Bowl are right around the corner. If you plan to attend either of these games, now is the time to start preparing your travel plans. In particular, it will help to plan your transportation to and from the game. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of transportation options that will get you to the Cheez-It Bowl and the Cheez-It Citrus Bowl at Camping World Stadium. Let’s take a look at the many different transportation options for these much-anticipated college football bowl games in Orlando.

Shuttle Options to Camping World Stadium for Bowl Games

The city of Orlando provides a free, fast, and easy shuttle that takes you from downtown Orlando to Camping World Stadium. The shuttle also takes you from the stadium to your original pickup point in downtown Orlando after the game. The free shuttle service to Camping World Stadium will pick up fans at the corner of South Street and Division Avenue in downtown Orlando and drop them off at Church Street and Nashville Avenue.

Orlando Bowl Game Shuttle Map

Shuttle buses will run between the downtown location and the stadium throughout the day. The first shuttle pickup time is 12:30 p.m., and the shuttle will continue to run until an hour after the game. If you are looking for a place to stay while you are in Orlando for the Cheez-It Citrus Bowl or the Cheez-It Bowl, there are plenty of options available so you can find the best resort or hotel in Orlando for you.

Rideshare Options for Bowl Games at Camping World Stadium

If you don’t want to take the shuttle to Camping World Stadium for the bowl games, consider opting for a rideshare service. Both Uber and Lyft provide rideshare transportation to the Cheez-It Bowl and the Cheez-It Citrus Bowl in Orlando.

Request a ride from either of these rideshare services, and you will be dropped off at or near Camping World Stadium. Once the game ends, you can choose from several locations for your pickup. Uber pickup locations include W. Gore Street and Rio Grande AvenueW. Anderson Street and S. Westmoreland, and W. Church Street and S. Westmoreland Drive

Keep in mind that the vicinity of Camping World Stadium will be quite crowded after the end of the game. As a result, it might be challenging to find your rideshare driver. If you can’t find your rideshare vehicle, tap the app to give them a call and confirm your location.

Bowl Game Public Transportation Options

There is no reason to battle traffic to get to Camping World Stadium in time for the big game. Instead, there are plenty of public transportation options to choose from, each of which is affordable, timely, and safe.

Public transportation to Camping World Stadium is especially easy and convenient if you start in downtown Orlando. The SunRail train starts transporting fans to Camping World Stadium at 5:48 a.m. and provides drop-offs near the stadium until 10:33 at night.

Take the train to the big game by riding SunRail to the LYNX Central Station, and you can transition to a free shuttle provided by Florida Citrus Sports and the City of Orlando. This shuttle service starts at noon and ends an hour after the game. After deboarding the train, all you have to do is take the short walk west along W. Amelia Street, making your way to the Votech Garage at Terry Avenue and Amelia Street. The stadium drop-off point is at Church Street and Nashville Avenue.

How to Get to Camping World Stadium by Bus 

You also can opt for a free one-way LYNX transfer. Though a $2 LYNX fare is necessary for the trip back, you will enjoy a no-cost transfer to the SunRail for your ride home. You can reach the stadium by taking Bus numbers 107, 54, 21, or 20

The W. Church Street and S. Rio Grande Avenue bus station is a four-minute walk to the stadium. The W. Central Boulevard and Wilbe Avenue bus station is an eight-minute walk to the stadium. The W. Washington Street and Jamil Avenue bus station is a nine-minute walk to the stadium. The W. Anderson Street and S. Orange Blossom Trail bus station is a 12-minute walk to the stadium. 

Driving to Camping World Stadium

If you plan to drive to Camping World Stadium for the Cheez-It Bowl and the Cheez-It Citrus Bowl in Orlando, be sure to plan your route and parking ahead of time. Having a solid plan in place can save you time and stress on the day of the game, so you can focus on rooting for your favorite team. 

Camping World Stadium is located north of the Spessard L. Holland East-West Expressway, also known as the 408 Expressway. The stadium is positioned to the west of N. Orange Blossom Trail. The popular and easily accessible Camping World Stadium parking lot number 11 is slightly to the north of the 408 Expressway by Long Street.

You can purchase parking ahead of time if desired. Note that the designated parking lots and locations are subject to change until game day. If no parking spots are available around Camping World Stadium, you should be able to find open spots in the downtown parking garages. These parking spots are not free, so be sure to bring cash or a credit card to cover the cost of parking. Carpooling with others who plan to attend the game is recommended to minimize traffic delays for your fellow football fans.

Getting to Camping World Stadium From I-4

If you plan to take Interstate 4 to get to the stadium, heading eastbound, take the Orange Blossom Trail exit, head north along Orange Blossom Trail by taking a right, and follow the signs to the stadium.

If you are heading west on Interstate 4 to reach the stadium, take the Colonial Drive/SR 50 exit; then veer west by taking a right turn on Colonial Drive and Orange Blossom Trail. Head south from here by turning left onto Orange Blossom Trail, and you’ll be on your way to the stadium.

Getting to Camping World Stadium From SR 408 

You can make your way to the stadium from the East/West Expressway toll road, also dubbed SR 408. If you are heading east along this expressway, exit at Tampa Avenue and follow the signs to the stadium. 

Those heading west along SR 408 should exit at Rosalind Avenue and veer west by turning left on South Street and following the signs to the stadium.

Getting to Camping World Stadium From the Airport 

Making your way from the Orlando International Airport to Camping World Stadium is easy. Simply take the North Airport exit to SR 436, also known as Semoran Boulevard. From here, head north to the E/W Expressway toll road SR 408. Exit at Rosalind Avenue, head west along South Street, and follow the signs to reach the stadium.

Florida’s 511 Service

The Florida Department of Transportation encourages all college football fans attending bowl games at Camping World Stadium to make use of the 511 Traveler Information System. 

This system makes getting the latest word on delays, construction, and road closures easy. Tap into the 511 system on game day, and you will have all the information you need about Florida roads, toll roads, interstates, and other potential transportation obstacles that stand between you and Camping World Stadium.

Simply call 511 or visit their site for more information. You can also get the latest updates from Florida’s 511 service through the Florida 511 mobile app. You may also want to follow the 511 Central Florida Twitter account for local traffic updates. 

Parking at Camping World Stadium for Bowl Games

Aside from Camping World Stadium parking lot number 11, located just to the south of the stadium, plenty of other parking lots are available. Be sure to check the Event Guides in the days leading up to the game to ensure the lot you have in mind will be open on game day. Camping World Stadium contains lots 1 through 11. The ADA handicapped parking lot number 10 is available for those with the required disabled parking permit. There are also lettered lots: A, E, G/H, K, L, and M.

Camping World Stadium Parking Map

If you have an oversized automobile, lean toward the comparably large parking spaces in lot number 6. However, the influx of fans might make it challenging to snag a space at one of the Camping World Stadium parking lots. You can also park downtown and take a free shuttle to and from the stadium. Downtown parking lots include the Administration Garage at 300 Liberty Street, 55 W Garage Parking at 55 West Church Street, Library Garage at 112 East Central Boulevard, and Central Boulevard Garage at 55 West Central.

Downtown parking is also available at the Courthouse Garage at 46 East Amelia Street and the Centroplex II Garage at 355 Alexander Place. Expect to pay between $11 and $40 for parking on game day. Be sure to bring your tailgating supplies if you plan to park at a stadium parking lot. You can set up a 10-x-10-foot tent behind your vehicle in a stadium parking lot. Just be sure to present your pre-paid parking pass and display it on your automobile. However, it must be noted that overnight parking is not permitted.

Florida Citrus Sports Membership Parking Benefits 

Florida Citrus Sports members receive parking passes to the Cheez-It Bowl and Cheez-It Citrus Bowl as a key part of their membership. In many cases, a Florida Citrus Sports membership is the most cost-effective option for getting to enjoy your favorite bowl game, plus a range of other benefits. 

membership package also provides priority access to the stadium’s best seats and other additional benefits, including: 

There are several different membership packages available, and your exclusive membership representative can help you find the best option for your needs. Contact us today for more information. 


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