Provide your employees, members, and customers with access to discounted tickets through a customized link designed specifically for you.

What is Florida Citrus Sports Corporate Perks

Florida Citrus Sports (FCS) Corporate Perks is a simple, no-cost program designed to offer the excitement of Orlando’s postseason college football bowl games to organizations in Central Florida. FCS Corporate Perks is ideal for companies that want to provide additional benefits to their employees, employees’ families, and customers. It works excellent for associations, clubs, social networks, civic groups, non-profits, and organizations with large membership bases.

Why join Florida Citrus Sports Corporate Perks

No cost to your organization. FCS Corporate Perks is a free benefit to share with your employees, members, and customers. No minimum purchase is required.

Easy to Distribute. Florida Citrus Sports will email you an offer featuring a selection of upcoming games. Simply forward the email to your network and that’s it! All follow-ups will be directed to your dedicated FCS representative.

Special Savings on the Biggest Games. In addition to the monthly offer, FCS Corporate Perks members are eligible for special pricing for both bowl games while supplies last.

Dedicated FCS Representative. You will have your own representative to help facilitate the program and answer questions that you may have.

Eligibility Requirements

FCS Corporate Perks members must have at least 100* people in their distribution network of employees, members, customers, etc.

*Organizations with a Florida Citrus Sports membership only need 50 people in their distribution network to be eligible.

FCS Corporate Perks may not be used as a marketing or promotional tool. It may only be used as a benefit to an organization’s existing network of employees, members and/or customers.

Ready to join FCS Corporate Perks or have questions? Our Corporate Perks representatives are here to help!

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